Tourist Attractions

1. Menchukha Laa Trekking

This trekking route starts from Bumjipanga bridge towards Darjeeling hiltop. This one day trekking has been recommended as one of the best trekking destinations all over India by tourists from many countries. In this route, it is possible to cherish a complete view of the Menchukha Town, and idyllic spots for photography with dazzling views of the river, villages, mountain peaks, horse grazing, etc.

2. Lhakpa Chupalaa Campside (Island)

A small & beautoful isaland situated in the middle of river Yargyapachu, about 2 km from GTL Homestay, provides the best bareque & bonefire experience. During the Adventure Commotte organizes Musical Nights & other cultural programmed like photography, campaining overnight, etc. He also provides tent accommodation, food, firewood and other necessary requirements.

3. Damjeenla Trekking

Its one of the toughest & topmost trekking route. But on reaching the spot, you will get to see many different types of flower gardens & many medicinal plants. Camping 5-6 days to Damjeena is organized by Gebu Sona.

4. Tokakla Trekking

It is also one of the most beautiful & easy treks and even women can trek without any problems. Camping can be done for  nights & 3 days. From the summit, we can see the Rai Village, which is located in Daporjo.

5. Pasang Sonam Tso (Lake)

It is one of the most beautiful lakes of Arunachal Pradesh. There is another lake called ‘Pensang Lake’, which is a 2 hours trek from Pasang Sonam Lake. Camping can be done for 2 nights & 3 days. This trek is considred as a moderate trek.

6. Samden Yangcha Monastery(Old Gompa)

It is situated at the hilltop of Thargelling village, about 9-10km from GTL homestay to Segong, and connected with a motorable road. The trekking can be finished within 3-4hours(up & down). The idols & status in the monastery were built by Rinpoche Kunsang Dechen Rangdol father of present head Lama of Menchukha.

7. Samden Choeling Monastery(New Gompa)

It is situated in the heart of the town. Tourist can have an early morning walk from GTL homestay,enjoying the splendid morning view of Menchukha town with the layers of fog. Photography of the town in the early hours of the day provides a range of lovely snaps.

8.Neh Pemshubu Pilgrimage(Gurudwara)

It was one of the most famous & holy pilgrimage in Menchukha established over 400 years ago. Here, tourist activity can range from meditation, visit to a Holy waterfall and a Tunnel cave. Tourist can bring empty bottles to fill it with the Holy water from the cave & use it while bathing, which is believed to reduce joint pains and other diseases. The local Buddhist people of Menchukha, visit this place for Tirtha Yatra (Pilgrimage) in the month of March, every year as its believed that their Guru Rinpoche meditated inside the cave. The Sikh Regiment of Indian Army discovered this spot in 1989 & believed that Guru Nanak also meditated at the same place.

9. Neh Chenden Takp

It is situated in Lhallung Village. “Lha” means “GOD” & “Ling” means “Place” and hence known as ‘Place of GOD’ it is believed that Lama Lodre Gyamtso (His Holiness)arrived from Tibet with his dog and a stick but found Lhalung was covered with dense forest. He prayed forr a landslide at the spot so that it could be converted into human colonies. Subsequently, the place was named “Lhallung”. His stick is now a Chandan Tree, and has stone shaped like a seat which is believed to be the throne of the Holiness Lodre Gyamtso. Every year pilgrims & local people visit the Neh chenden takp & take holy circles around the tree & the stone (Throne).

10. Adventure at Menchukha Festival

A 3 days adventure festival is organized every year 7 to 9 November in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism (Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh) to promote adventure tourism in Menchukha. During the festival, activities & sports like paragliding, paramotoring, river rafting, rock climbing, kayaking,horse riding, trap shooting, ripelling, zorbing, angling, cycling etc. are organized.

11. Hanuman Face

It is a natural rock, which appears like the face of Hanuman a Hindu God carved by the nature itself.

12. Darjeeling Monastey

This monastry is located in Darjeeling village and owned by Shri Tashi Plilley, Head GB Darjeeling. The status was conferred by the Rinpead enche Kunsang Dechen Rongdol father of present Head Lama of Menchukha.

13.Taxus Baccata Plantation

A big farm of this plant is situated in Galling village.Taxues Baceata is called cancer medical plant and researchers and interested tourists can visit the plantation & gain knowledge about the medical plant.

14. Neh Saram

The Holy cave which produces sound when hit by hand,it is a 6 hour trek from Neh Pemshubu (Gurudwara)

15. Neh Shekarbumji

16. Neh Pemajelung

17. Neh Karte

18. Neh Phukpkhana (Holy cave)