Your visit will be more joyful to your taste buds at our Dinning-Kitchen, dining options abound at Homestay Menchukha. Choose from Memba-Traditional Kitchen, Chinese, Indian and not forgetting our Traditional Receipies of our Resturant.. An exclusive multi-cusine available at our Dinnning serves a spread of delicious Traditional, Chinese and Indian Delicousy. Certainly one of the best food experiences you will ever have.Meals have variety and taste, both at its best. Staff are friendly and provide quick and best services. Overall a great experience ,even after visiting the lodge after a few months. coffee and soak up the traditional ambience which is enhanced by live natural looks.Memba-Traditional kitchen with dining options of dishes local , Indian, Chinese.

Traditional Dishes

Few of Our Traditional Dishes you can taste when you visit us

Paa with Chiri

Oshum Thukpa


Chang (Drink)

Bendo Chem with Benj Nyumb

Churkomb with Jaabej

Kyoja with Churkomb

Dey Boga

Ara Chey (Drink)with Gonga & Mar


Kyoshin with Jaabej

Chang Kyoja

Oshum Puchi

Meem Pudha & Lobu Pudha